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In the ancient times, there were the Ares. A powerful titan clan of spaceships

Here come the images, have a good one lads and ladies.


Below our line of sight

He walks a path of a lonely man.

bricks are the milk of bones which structures use to grow strong


And here we have it with these building assets the game is going to become a much more of a live-able place.

queen of a million lights

Out of the darkness the queen of a million lights came to existence.

knitted cube

After years of 3D, I began to knit

So i got into it, my mum taught me a lot of her techniques and I watered upon the realization of my creations.

Knitting a glove keeps your hand warm, knitting a glove makes your hand look stylish, knitting A glove opens the door.

mudbox doodling


“One day i’ll have a body… then ill kick some ass, and eat salted sweet corn”


forgotten wings

A doodle which I thought to look like an interesting piece of mythological

imagery that only an unfocused mind comes up with.